Andrea Pass :: Artistic Director
Andrea Pass is a graduate of Calgary’s Young Canadians and the University of Calgary Program of Dance. Working as a choreographer and professional arts programmer over the last 25 years, Andrea has a diverse arts background in professional and educational arts. She has developed and managed dance education programs for the Wildflower Arts Centre, St Margaret’s School and Ballet Victoria. Her choreographic work has varied from musicals to traditional ballets to contemporary dance on both film and stage. A classically trained dancer, Andrea’s film CEA was part of the Cultural program at the Canadian Cultural Pavilion, Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

Nicole Pemberton :: Instructor
Nicole Pemberton is an active dance artist and director of the new dance collective J’ouvert Playhouse currently residing in Calgary, AB. She has studied and continues to train in Caribbean, hip hop, Contemporary, African, Afro-Cuban, jazz, funk, ballet and house dance styles. Her performance and training has taken her to Edmonton, Toronto, New York, Dallas, Washington DC, Trinidad and Tobago, Vancouver and Calgary. Nicole received a diploma from Grant McEwan University, Edmonton and a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Calgary both specializing in dance, performance and choreography. Nicole has danced professionally for Ballet Creole, Canboulay Dance Theatre, featured in BravoFact videos directed by Seth Adrian Harris in Toronto. In Calgary she has performed in work choreographed by Kristy Anthony, Whitney Cousins, Melanie Kloetzel and Jennifer Hammond. Nicole is a well-known dance educator with the artist in residence company Sound Kreations, Calgary. She has choreographed and presented her own work in Dance at Noon/Night and Dance Montage, Strange Change Dance Exchange, MPact: Something to Say, Invisible and The Cypher, head choreographer for Sci-Fi short film Agophobia directed by Benjamin Hayden and Ellipsis Tree Collective theatre Calgary in the production of Djanet Sears play The Adventures of a Black girl in Search of God. In the fall she collaborated and performed in a new work with Toronto artist Sharon Harvey. Recently she has returned from Trinidad and Tobago after completing a dance residency with New Waves Performance Institute.
Watch Nicole Dance:

Anthony Kadak :: Dramatic Arts Instructor
Anthony Kadak is a graduate of the Queens University film programme. He has worked as a director in theatre, cabaret, musical theatre and independent film for over 20 years. Anthony has worked as a unit manager on many major Hollywood feature films as well as prime time television shows. Over the last 10 years he has coached over 200 kids in soccer and hockey.

Lori Goods :: Instructor
A native Calgarian Lori Goods began her tap training at age three, deciding then and there that she would be a hoofer for life. Her love for dance lead to 15 years of dance training in the R.A.D ballet syllabus, the Brian Foley (ADAPT) jazz and tap syllabus as well as the Al Gilbert tap syllabus, completing top exam levels. But it was the performance aspect of dance that appealed to Lori the most and she was well known throughout the competitive dance community for her energy and spunk on stage, which won her several scholarships throughout her performance career. At the young age of 11, Lori was fortunate enough to join a local performance troupe, Calgary Dance Theatre, and joined them as they performed locally, throughout Alberta, but also on their Australian and European tours. The biggest thrill for this young dancer was performing alongside Mickey and Minnie at Euro Disneyland. Lori continued performing throughout her university years at the University of Calgary’s Dance Montage, Dance At Noon and the Program of Dance’s Main Stage Production. It was in university that she was inspired by the African dance classes she took and pursued this form of dance with a vengeance. Lori has been teaching for the past ten years inspiring hundreds of dancers to work to their fullest potential in the hopes that they fall in love with dance and pursue their highest dreams.

Shelby Holt :: Instructor
Shelby graduated from the University of Calgary’s Drama program with a minor in dance. Shelby has also trained with W and M Physical Theatre (SURGE) and Theatre Encounter. She has performed/choreographed with ND Theatre, The Alberta Dance Festival, The Calgary International Children’s Festival, The Cochrane Children’s Festival, Soulocentric Dance, and many more. When she is not teaching dance she works in schools teaching physical theatre residencies. Her style of performance and teaching explores physical theatre narratives as well as somatic and emotional connections.

Karen Berry :: Instructor
Karen earned her BA in Recreation Management from Malaspina in 2002. She has been teaching dance for the last 15 years, for various organizations in Canada and abroad. She specializes in hip hop, ballet, jazz, fusions, Latin, and West African. Her choreography was part of the Western Canada Summer Games Opening Ceremonies in July 2007, ‘Right Here, Right Now’. Her most recent her choreographic works: a Contemporary African piece, ‘Kumina’, for Jamaican & Carifest, and Fusion piece for Kit & Kaboodle Circus featuring ‘The Cinnamon Girls’.  Watch the Cinnamon Girls Artember Watch Karen’s Doll Dance Duet

Jennifer DeWolf :: Instructor

Joe Kelly :: Digital Media Instructor

Lysa Downey :: Instructor