Finally, a resource tool for the recreational dance community! The Footprints Move Tool is a free resource for dance teachers and those interested in children and youth motor skill development. Learn basic biomechanics that will help you spot dangerous movement habits and tips and tricks on how to correct them.

The online resource provides concise information on how bodies develop as well as sample activities for improving balance, alignment, and spinal awareness.

Fun activities and teaching tips are available for different age groups, from preschool through to teens. You need not be a dancer, physical therapist, or certified instructor to benefit from this resource, regardless of your teaching experience or the student body that you instruct, the Move Tool can help you to be more active in your classroom.

Our Footprints team members are also available to come to you. We can provide professional development workshops in person as well as online webinars. A one hour session will provide you with the essentials concerning how to use the online resource.

For additional hands-on experience, we recommend a minimum of two-four hour in depth workshop. Our specialists can tailor their presentation to your specific needs, based on the age and abilities of your students.

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Footprints Dance Project was founded in 1999 by Artistic Director Neah Kalcounis and Administrator Ella Matthews. In 2009 Andrea Pass assumed the role of Artistic Producer created various programs through Dance and Film;  integrating many collaborations with social and arts organizations within Calgary and Internationally via Dance on Films Festivals, Dance research tools, and Dance Educational research papers and practical physical studies.

In 2020 the torch of Footprints Dance Projects was passed onto Nicole Pemberton.

She brings a vast arsenal of skills, which makes her very versatile and capable of working in the diverse and fluid Footprints environment. As a creative, Nicole believes it is imperative that one believe in the message of the organization for which she works. She is about building a team culture that invests in the people. Nicole is courageous in her leadership approach and sincere in her desire to make an impact in the world. She embraces the challenge of hard work. Nicole’s belief in leading by example makes her mentor for those
working under her and the children in her charge.

The Footprints Dance Project has provided arts programs to over 3,000 children and youth age 3-18, in various communities throughout Calgary.

Footprints Dance Project provides performing arts and dance opportunities to Calgarians who otherwise would not be able to participate. We provide no cost, seasonal, and year-round arts programs. Over the years we have served students who face economic, social, physical, and gender barriers. Many of our students and their families are new Calgarians who hail from war torn areas in Africa and the Middle East.

Our programs include a month-long summer dance intensive, afterschool program, youth leadership committee, move tool and school residency and community partnership programs and performances.

From the humble beginnings on Friday evenings in the Haultain Centre in downtown Calgary with a small group of students learning contemporary dance to appearing at the 2007 Western Canada Games…to our student film Passages shown at the 9th MIVSC – São Carlos Videodance Festival in Brazil…Footprints kids keep truckin’ along.

We are looking forward to our best year yet. Help us with your generous contribution… Become a monthly donor. Volunteer your time. Spread the word about our programs. If you know someone who would benefit from the program direct them to our website.

Be a great audience! Watch the videos that have been created by Footprints Kids…even better provide an encouraging comment…or share with family and friends. Our aim is to share our dance films with 20,000 YouTube viewers spanning the globe.

Board of Directors

Trecia Doughlin

Douglas Murphy

Jenna Levay

James Pass | Omot Okal | Morgan Solar

Artistic Director:
Nicole Pemberton

Past Director:
Andrea Pass