Footprints classes are without charge. All applications must include letters of support from the student’s parent or guardian as well as their teacher or social worker.

Prospective students over the age of seven are required to submit a written explanation as to why they want the opportunity to explore dance. Children under the age of seven may submit a drawing on a theme such as “Riggly, Jiggly Dance” or “Let’s Dance” rather than a written explanation.

If you know a student who might benefit from the Footprints Program, let them know about us. Footprints Dance Project accepts referrals to our programs from many certified helping professionals in social service, arts and medical organizations such as: City of Calgary, Community Social Workers Alberta Children’s Hospital Ronald McDonald House Hull Family Services Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network Aspen Calgary Family Services – Spirit Program Parish Leaders Educational Professionals

Send your applications to:
Nicole Pemberton | Footprints Dance Project Society of Alberta |



In August, we will offer students 11-17 years old, from all over Calgary, the opportunity to participate in our annual dance program. Students train in hip hop, contemporary dance, rhythm/tap, video, and dramatic performance under the direction of four practicing professional artists/performers. Collectively students create videos, which will be hosted on the Footprints Dance Project YouTube channel.

Time: August 2024 from 10:00am to 5:00pm (Students are asked to commit to the full duration of the program)
Location: Decidedly Jazz Dance Centre S.W. Calgary, AB

Apply Early via Application Click HERE 

We are looking for youth to work with our Board of Directors to develop projects that support and build the Footprints Dance Project programs. Build your leadership skills as you help to plan performances, social networking, media opportunities, and fundraising events. Step up and volunteer to make a difference in the community. Join today! To learn more about how you can be a part of our youth leadership project team.

For more info regarding programs contact:

587-228-5440 |